“The General Data Protection  
  Regulation (GDPR) will bring changes to  
  the rules that govern the way your organisation  
  handles data, carrying fines of up to 4% of global  
  turnover or €20 million for businesses that do not  
  comply, whichever is higher. The European Privacy  
  regulators have made it very clear they intend to  
  use their new powers and it is important to remember  
  these laws will still apply to UK businesses even after  
  leaving the EU.“  
GDPR Support
  “However fast regulation moves, technology moves faster.   
  Especially as far as data is concerned.”  
  ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)  
  Speech by UK information commissioner  
GDPR Training
  GDPR Support and Training  
GDPR Solution
Financial Benefit
  Save on potential data breach related penalties by making your business GDPR compliant.   
Are you GDPR compliant?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation made to increase the protection of European citizens by demanding the organizations to expand their data protection processes.

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Dissect the regulatory needs and get started to understand how the regulation impacts your organization through this Info-Tech resource.

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  • Save on potential data breach related penalties by making your business GDPR compliant.
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GDPR is fully Enforced

News By ICO

Data Classification
Data Capture & Integration
Anonymize & Pseudonymize
Data Protection
Data Access & Portability


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