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“Good practice tools that the ICO has championed for a long time – such as privacy impact assessments and privacy by design – are now legally required in certain circumstances.”
ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) / Speech by UK information commissioner

5 Pillars of GDPR:

The list below takes a customer through the key five stages of GDPR.

  • Know Your Personal Data – Data classification & lineage
  • Collect, Reconcile and Take Control – Data capture & Integration
  • Data Protection – Anonymize & pseudonymize
  • Self-Service Curation & Certification – Foster accountability for data protection
  • Data Access & portability – Respect the right of the data subject
Five Pillars of GDPR

Source: talend, Five Pillars of GDPR Compliance with talend

5 Pillars of GDPR and Implementation Best Practices

Organisations share personal data with third parties all the time, but can they be trusted? The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes it clear that organisations are accountable for data breaches caused by third-party service providers, which should be a major concern as third parties are reportedly implicated in a majority of data breaches.

The GDPR strengthens EU residents’ rights related to their personal data and gives supervisory authorities stronger disciplinary powers. Any organisation that fails to comply with the Regulation faces a fine of up to 4% of its annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever is greater. Although maximum fines will only happen if an organisation blatantly disregards the Regulation’s requirements, strict disciplinary action is still something to be concerned about.

Given that third parties pose such a large security risk, organisations need to protect themselves.

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