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“To meet the challenges I’ve described, we need to move from a mindset of compliance to a mindset of commitment: commitment to managing data sensitively and ethically.”
ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) / Speech by UK information commissioner

GDPR Compliance Project:

  • Awareness workshop for senior and middle management
  • Training operational staff for GDPR and their role
  • GDPR Audit – Data Security, Process Review and Legal Contracts Review
  • Implement GDPR Audit Report
  • Project Management

GDPR Audit and Gap Analysis:

  • Assimilation of IT / Digital Assets including Hardware, Software, Data Security
  • Establish and review data journey
  • Assess security at user level, database level, application level and data centre / cloud level
  • Review partnership / relationships with suppliers within UK, EU and Outside UK
  • Review Personal Data Privacy Policies for Marketing and HR
  • Prepare and submit Audit and Gap Analysis Report

GDPR Training:

  • Workshop for Senior and Middle Level Management – GDPR Awareness, GDPR Compliance and Penalties
  • Training for Staff – GDPR Principles, Role of Staff for GDPR compliance, Penalties, Data Subject / Consumer Rights and Organisational Responsibility.
GDPR Consultancy

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