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“If a business can’t show that good data protection is a cornerstone of their practices, they’re leaving themselves open to a fine or other enforcement action that could damage bank balance or business reputation.”
ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) / Speech by UK information commissioner


Customer Focussed and flexible approach to meet requirements. Assess Customer Requirements Requirement Validation by Customer Proposal with project scope, plan, cost and quality Deliver Measure Performance and Review with Customer Project Completion and Closure

Implementation Best Practices:

The phased activities that support the Accountability Life Cycle

PHASE 1: Prepare

Activity A: Obtain the buy-in of key business stakeholders
Activity B: Establish your GDPR readiness program team
Activity C: Identify and assess relevant business functions
Activity D: Identify and in-scope Third Party Processing activities
Activity E: Establish a central Personal Data register
Activity F: Distribute updated Data Protection policies and Privacy Notices
Activity G: Educate internal Personal Data Handlers and external Data Processors

PHASE 2: Operate

Activity H: Disseminate and maintain external Privacy Notices
Activity I: Justify and record lawful Processing mechanisms
Activity J: Process and record Data Subject rights requests
Activity K: Validate and record Third Country data transfers
Activity L: Report and manage Personal Data Breach incidents

PHASE 3: Maintain

Activity M: Evidence understanding of Data Protection policies
Activity N: Ensure ongoing integrity and quality of the Personal Data Processing register
Activity O: Trigger impact assessments for business change events.
Activity P: Verify compliance of Third Party Personal Data Processing activities
Activity Q: Demonstrate effectiveness of Personal Data handling practices

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